Matt Kennett

Welcome to the online home of Matt Kennett. I'm a music and computer geek living in Little Rock, Arkansas. My interests include digital recording, bass guitar, web development, dirt track racing, cooking, programming, and spending time with my lovely wife, cats, and dogs.
Spencer Knapp is an emerging ceramic artist that needed a page to showcase his pottery to the world. I provided him a website with a blog and gallery sections that allows him to easily add content to his page. The site was coded from scratch using PHP and MySQL.
Crowley's Ridge Raceway in Paragould, Arkansas needed a website to keep race results and weekly trophy dash pictures updated for race fans. The project required designing a public front end to display content and an administration back end to allow the Raceway staff to keep the page updated in a simple and efficient manner. The project was coded from the ground up using PHP and a MySQL database.
Bill Webb makes custom pool cues and needed a website to showcase his beautiful work to the world. I built him a website that allows him to easily add new cues with pictures and descriptions for potential customers. Mr. Webb preferred to use email to arrange payment and delivery with potential customers, so a simple contact form was added rather than an integrated shopping cart.
Here are some samples of music that I've recorded: